Management of a warehouse is usually associated with the following six tenets: cost control, efficiency, cleanliness, security, access, and safety; but there is a whole slew of things that lie underneath and create issues which if not addressed properly can turn into major problems for the owners. If the owners are facing problems, it can lead to resource limitation and ultimately sub-par performance in key areas. The biggest mission of a warehouse manager is to maximize performance while managing the associated risks in ambiguous situations.

Let’s explore the top 5 challenges the management can face, along with their solutions.

Ending up with excess inventory

Despite organizations focusing on lean practices and creating a pull for inventory to avoid ending up with extra inventory, it is still one of the main issues haunting warehouse management everywhere.

Focusing on the reduction of inventory levels as much as possible helps in making the supply chain leaner and frees up more of your money from being tied up through the stock. So, try to make necessary arrangements with the suppliers to get big orders delivered as you need them when you need them.

Lack of inventory oversight

Not knowing the inventory location can contribute to a buildup of inefficiencies within the warehouse, which leads to an increase in costs and slow operations. Without proper insight into the location of the items, the loading process gets delayed for shipping and creates a blockage slowing down the whole process.

Little to no attention to housekeeping

It is very important to streamline the whole process of storage and removal of items in order to keep things running smoothly. Enforce a strict housekeeping routine to ensure minimal clutter and waste accumulation. Hire removalists sydney north shore to get rid of excess stuff. Commonly, the end of the shift is selected as the best time to tidy up the warehouse so as to allow the next shift to start their day in a productive manner.

Redundant processes and technology

Scanning for barcodes at each stage of the process can reduce the efficiency greatly. During shipping, a product has to pass through multiple hands such as those of a picker, checker, stager and then a loader. Scanning for a barcode at each stage will slow down the process and create redundant information stores. Adopt a lean approach to minimize effort and information waste at each stage. Try to automate processes to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.

Inefficient picking paths

Another common problem is overlooking the need for the best picking paths throughout your warehouse. It will handicap your efficiency, which in turn impacts the cycle times for your supply chain, adversely affecting your labor costs and productivity.

In an ideal scenario, your operatives should be able to pick up items from near the dispatch area. It’s not always easy laying down the ideal path but it’s definitely worth the time investment.

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