All You Need to Know About Len Patti

For most environmentally conscious individuals, the idea of mining comes with a negative connotation. Therefore, we present to you a mining company that places the environment in high regard. At Len Patti, we focus on reaping as much as we can from the environment while giving back just as much. Our operations are designed to safeguard the well being of the environment we work on.


Prоfеѕѕіоnаl еxреrіеnсе

Mining provides us with opportunities that we share with the community around us. Thus, we focus on creating more job opportunities and creating more financial avenues for the country.

Buѕіnеѕѕеѕ ѕmооthlу rеlосаtе

From our mining, the community we exist in gets the constant provision of raw materials that are needed for daily activities. We also promote the innovation industry by using the latest technology.


Our company aims to use the most effective machines that produce results without harming the environment.

our expertise

Our Other Areas of Focus

Although it is easy to assume that mining only involves the process of extraction of material, you should know that we incorporate other aspects. These factors and elements allow us to reap the full benefits of the mining industry.

Environmental management

We ensure that the environment we are working on can handle the extent of the force we use. Our experts analyse the effect of the project at hand and produce valuable intel on the best course of action.


Most of the material we extract is used in construction in the broader area than our mining points.

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Demystifying The Term Asset Management

From the general point of view, asset management is the process of developing and cost-effectively maintaining assets on behalf of an individual or a firm. The term asset management is a diverse term that can stand for different meanings.

In a nutshell, every company or entity needs to keep records of all the assets, either fixed or current. In business, fixed assets or non-current assets are those that the firm intends for long-term use while existing assets refer to assets that you can easily convert into cash on short notice.

In asset management, there are two key terms every business should get the hang of, namely, the role of asset management and its processes and how a company can develop a good management plan for its assets.

Significance of asset management

There are various reasons why businesses involve in asset management. It includes the following:

Keep track of all its assets

Asset management helps organizations keep track of their assets in and outside. Whether fixed or current assets, every organization needs to know the physical location of these assets. Keeping track of its assets means making sure accountability and control of its use. When it is time to recover some of these assets, an organization can do it efficiently and within the time frame allotted.

Helps guarantee accuracy

Asset management systems allows the organization to keep track of its assets and update its value regularly to ensure that the figures appearing on financial statements reflect the actual value of assets at a particular time.

Risk management and identification

Keeping track of an organization’s assets enables it to identify risks in advance and plan accordingly to avert the risks instead of waiting until they come their way. Risks come in different ways, including depreciation, inflations, obsolescence, and more.

It helps a company get rid of ghost assets if present

Sometimes non-existent assets still feature in records even when they are stolen, damaged, or lost. Strategic asset management will help identify ghost items and remove them from financial records. Removing ghost assets from financial records allows the finance department to produce financial reports that reflect an organization’s real financial state.

Asset management planning

It is the ultimate dream of a business entity or company to own assets. Having an asset management plan helps organizations and businesses plan strategic ways of acquiring assets. At every end of the financial year, an organization audits all of its assets and keeps them in an inventory to manage them effectively. For the organization’s support to reflect accurately in financial records, factors such as depreciation must regularly be updated and computed accordingly according to its lifecycle. Many businesses make the wrong financial decisions because they are taking into consideration the initial costs.

Long-term financial projections

Fixed assets acquired by an organization feature in long-term business goals; for example, the land is an asset that appreciates year after the other. The business needs asset management planning to set its priorities right.

Perks for asset management

In keeping tabs on every asset in the organization, managers can plan proper acquisition and its use. Having an asset management tool makes it easy for a business to comply with government policies and regulations.

Asset management software helps companies track assets and streamline their operations like sales and acquisition.

A Guide to Store Your Car Long-Term

Situations may force you to want to store your car long-term; for example, you have a car you love driving during summer and another cruiser for winter. In whatever season, you may want to store one until the fall of the season. People have reasons for wanting to store their vehicles for long-term. Maybe you serve in the military, and now you have been deployed overseas, or you are going out of town for a long period of time. Whatever the case, you will need to store your time away from the car until you get back into action. Until then, you will not want to return to a damaged engine, dead battery, a rat nest under the wood, flat tires, and the rest.

Following are essential steps to store your car if you want to return to a live engine and a working car battery.

Keep it covered

A garage is a suitable place to store your vehicle, at least it will protect your car from weather elements, and the temperatures inside the garage are stable. But if you are not lucky like some of us who don’t have a space for a garage, you might consider renting one at a nearby public storage facility. And if your car is to stay outdoors, ensure a weatherproof cover to keep your vehicle dry and clean.

Clean your car

Clean your car before putting it up for storage. Water or droppings left on the car surface for a long time may damage the paint. Clean the wheels and the underside to remove mud or grease and wax it for added protection.

Change engine oil

You don’t want to skip changing engine oil. Used engine oil can contaminate the engine. You may skip this step if you are out for less than a month. Beyond one month, kindly don’t! For the love of your engine.

Fill the tank

Filling the tank to the top will prevent moisture from building up inside the tank, and it will keep the seals from drying up. Consider a fuel stabilizer to avoid the buildup of ethanol, gum, varnish, or rust. The fuel stabilizer will keep the gas last for more than twelve months.

Charge the battery

If the battery stays for a long time without use, it will lose its charge. Make sure you start the engine every 2 weeks or even drive the car for some distance. Also, run the air conditioner every 2 weeks to keep parts working.

Switch off the parking lights

It is wise to use parking brakes when you park the car, but don’t use them when storing it. The brake pads will come in contact with rotors for too long, which may fuse. Use a tire stopper instead to keep the car still.

Prevent flat spots

Inflate the tires to the suggested storage pressure to avoid flat spots resulting from your car being stationary for long; having someone drive the car for more than 15 minutes will eliminate the flat spots on your tires.

Keep pests at bay

A garage is warm and habitable to critters. Plenty of spaces inside your car attracts rodents who may destroy your upholstery or chew the cables inside your vehicle. To prevent this, cover every gap that a rat might find entrance into the car.

For reliable car storage, look for a reliable facility.

Tips for purchasing safety equipment

Safety equipment is essential, especially in the workplaces, since they keep the people who are working there safe from any hazards. Any employer has to ensure that they have the right safety equipment in their workplaces to ensure the safety of their employees. Most of the employees have a tough time when they are buying their safety equipment. This is because they do not know what to look for in the safety equipment that they are buying. It would be best if you never made any mistakes when you are buying your safety equipment. Therefore, make good use of the following tips since they will help you in buying the best safety equipment.

Understand the working environment

It is always essential for you to know the type of safety equipment that you will need in your workplace. This will help you in selecting the safety equipment that is best for you.   This is why you have to access your environment so that you can understand the type of hazard that can happen there. This will help you in knowing the type of safety equipment that is likely to be useful for your workers. It will save you the troubles of spending your money on the wrong safety equipment.   It also helps you to buy the safety equipment that will ensure that your workers are protected against any harsh working conditions in your workplace.

Know the type of safety equipment you need

Knowing the type of safety equipment that you need is an important thing that will help you in buying the right safety equipment. Most of the people buying safety equipment have a tough time selecting the safety equipment that they need. This is because they do not know what they should buy and what they should not buy.  The only thing that will help you in selecting the type of safety equipment that you need is assessing your workplace and knowing the type of hazards you are preventing.

Check for the quality of the safety equipment

Today, everything has changed. This includes the quality of items that are in the market. Everyone wants to make a profit from the sales that they make. This is the reason why you will buy low quality, safety equipment without knowing that they are not the best ones.  You must check on the quality of the material that is used in making the safety equipment that you are buying. There are low-quality materials, and you do not expect them to last long or even be effective for your workers and to yourself too. Therefore, you have to buy high-quality safety equipment if you want to be on the right side.

Select a perfect design of the safety equipment

When you are selecting the safety equipment that you need, you will note that they come in different designs just like the materials themselves. This is to ensure that every customer has the safety equipment that they love to use. As the buyer, you should select the design of the safety equipment that is perfect for you.

Consider the cost of the safety equipment

The different safety equipment in the market today have different prices. The prices of the safety equipment that you select will be determined by factors such as the quality of materials used in making them and their brand. The high-quality safety equipment will cost more than lower-quality safety equipment. Also, the brand that makes the best safety equipment will sell its safety equipment at a higher price. However, it would be best for you to spend more money buying high-quality safety equipment or safety equipment from IQS Solutions, a trusted brand.

Multiple Benefits of Self-Storage Sheds Wodonga

Running out of storage space in their homes has become a common issue with homeowners in Wodonga. The perfect solution for storing valuables when running out of storage space in the home is hiring self-storage sheds, Wodonga.

The numerous benefits of opting for self-storage sheds, Wodonga include:

Best storage solution for seasonal possessions

Christmas trees and lights are seasonal possessions that need to be stored away after the holidays. Yet, these are not the only seasonal things that you can store away in storage sheds.

The varied sizes of storage sheds enable them to store seasonal items ranging from jet-skis to portable swimming pools! Not having space for these bulky items in your garage or home is no longer worrisome when you can hire storage sheds to keep them safe and protected from burglary and weather elements. A storage shed keeps more than just boxes.

The best option for new retirees

Retirement is the best time to plan either travelling to places on the bucket list or choosing life on the road. Selling a home too big for two people and moving to a smaller one means being saddled with a lot of items. These possessions are either too expensive or too sentimental to give away. Storing them away in storage sheds frees you from worrying about the valuables that you can’t sell or donate.

Best way to declutter a home

Not having the heart to part with things also means cluttering your home with them. Sentimental treasures often need space to store them away until the next time you need them. The best way to declutter your home is to hire a storage shed to store extra belongings. The flexibility of storage sheds allows you to store your possessions for as long as you want or for a limited time.

Opting for limited time storage enables you to reorganise things in your home to make room for your valuables in the allotted time.

The best solution to store your crafting tools and equipment

Woodworking is a great hobby. So is knitting. However, it becomes a problem when your hobbies eat up all the available space in your home. Hiring a storage shed to store your hobby and crafting tools and equipment not only frees valuable space in your home; it also allows you to easily access them any time you want to. The convenience provided by a storage shed might even make you consider using it as your crafting space.

Best remedy when you need to downsize

Downsizing means moving from a larger home to a smaller-sized one. The most common problem you face is dealing with your belongings that are too precious to donate or sell. Tucking them safely away in self-storage sheds offers the best remedy when you have to downsize. Hiring the storage sheds can be on short or long-term, depending on your wants and needs.

Best space for collecting and stocking emergency materials

If preparing for emergencies means collecting and stocking emergency materials is your thing, then hiring storage sheds is the best space for it. Everything you need for emergencies from medicines, camping equipment, canned goods, and bottled water can all be tucked safely away in a storage shed until it’s time to use them.

Self-storage sheds offer a convenience that’s unheard of in past decades. Life becomes easier when valuables can be tucked safely away in storage sheds.


The Benefits of Using Sound Absorbing Panels

Sound absorbing panels, also known as acoustic panels help absorb and reduce the sound at offices, schools and restaurants. These come in a variety of styles and designs well suited for individual spaces, homes or even commercial areas.

You can choose panels which are fabric wrapped, perforated wooden panels and water resistant acoustic panels. The best thing about these panels are that they can actually add to the aesthetic of your space. These day sound panels come in different deigns and look more like an aesthetic addition to the space instead of simple sound absorbing device.

The sound panels can be made to order. These can be designed from different materials and designed to blend in with the rest of the area.

There are different kinds of sound absorbing panels to use for sound proofing for offices. These include the following:

Sound absorbing panels for walls

These panels are made from compressed wool and foam. The material absorbs the sound waves and helps in reducing the noise. This in turn helps making listening easier and limits the reverberation in the walls. In other words thee panels can help you get rid of unnecessary sounds in the surrounding area.

It makes it easy for the professor to get their lecture across to the students. Lead to a more productive work environment where people can reflect and contemplate in silence. Plus musicians can benefit a great deal from these panes because these would reduce any unnecessary noise from outside and also prevent the sound in the room from escaping outside. So you don’t have to worry about the nosy neighbor banging on your door to reduce the noise.

Where can sound absorbing panels be utilized?

These panels can stop the sound from leaving and entering a room. Plus these can be used in a variety of spaces like:

  • The sound quality in an auditorium can be improved with the use of acoustic panels. It would help reduce the noise from outside entering inside and allow the events to take place in a sound proof environment.
  • The privacy in condos can also be maintained using sound proofing panels. Noise remains contained in the rooms instead of being transferred from one room to another.
  • Dance and music studios also make sue of acoustic panels. It prevents the sounds from echoing or leaving the room.
  • Hotels also use sound proofing panels in the rooms so as to reduce the noise and also guard the privacy of their guests.

The benefits of using sound absorbing panels?

  • Sound absorbing panels help guard the privacy of guests in hotels rooms and restaurants as well. Some restaurants offer special little spaces which are covered with a panel. This allows for the guests to fine in privacy and enjoy their time together.
  • Improves productivity in the office space. During the time spent in the office it is important that employees can focus on their work and not be distracted from the sounds coming from outside. This quiet space provides employees the opportunities to bring storm in peace and thus be more vigilant in their work.
  • Offers a peaceful environment for colleges, schools and libraries

Tips for using when selecting caravan repairs experts in Wangara

One of the best you can make up for the time you have spent away from your loved ones is by travelling or camping with them. In most cases, you can organise this activity together with some of our friends so that you can make it more enjoyable. If you decide to camp with your loved ones in Wangara, you will need to have a caravan or a tent where you can rest in and even sleep when you are tired. Caravans are more secure than the tents, and they are towed at the vehicles that you will be travelling with.

At times your caravans might not be in the right condition and might begin leaking. Such caravans will require repair or replacement before you start your journey so that they do not inconvenience you as you sleep under them. At times you may not have money to buy a new caravan, and hence you will need to get someone who can repair your caravan. Since your caravan is very delicate, you must make sure that you get the right person who will repair it. This is why you will need to get the best person who can do this for you. There are so many people that you can confront, but you will need to do the following things before you select the person to entrust with your caravan repairs.

Check online reviews from previous clients.

One of the essential things that you need to do when you are hiring a person to repair your caravan is reading online reviews. This will help you find the details about the previous works that the expert has done. The kind of reviews that you will learn will be determined by whether the expert can satisfy the needs of his or her clients. You will also know the type of services that this expert offers. From the online reviews that you will read, you will be able to identify the different people that you can approach for the services you need. You will also have the information that you need to decide on which is the best person in repairing caravans.

Find out the location of the person you can trust.

Once you have decided on the person to confront for the services that you need, it will be necessary for you to find out the location of the personnel. This is important since it will help you find out whether the person who will be repairing your caravan is close or very far from you. You should get a person who is next to you since you can pick the caravan when the expert has finished repairing it.

Select an expert who is experienced and qualified.

 Repairing caravans seems to be an easy task in Wangara, but it requires one to be both qualified and experienced. This is why you need to find someone who is experienced and qualified so that you can get quality services. Some of the people will hire anyone to repair their caravans and hence they are not fixed as they expect. This is why you should get someone who knows what is expected of them.

Consider the cost of services.

When you need caravan repairs in Wangara, ensure that you have considered the cost of their services. This will help you in finding someone who you will afford to pay. In case the person charges you more because they can offer you better services, you should be willing to spend more.

Tips for buying commercial office furniture

If you have undertaken the task of buying furniture for your office, you know it a major responsibility. After all, the right decision would completely alter the way the space looks and also help you earn more brownie points with the management.

There are certain things which you already know when it comes to buying furniture. You would be considerate about the budget which has been allowed to you plus you would also make sure that the furniture is comfortable and allow people to work at their most productive ability.

The following are some tips to help you along the way for buying the right commercial office furniture:

  • When buying office furniture your sole focus shouldn’t be the price only. There are other factors that you should consider as well. What really matters in the long run are the ergonomic, comfort and the long term value of the furniture.
  • The budget on the other hand is the second most important consideration. While you may be tempted to give in and buy the cheapest piece you can in the budget that you have been allotted. You must make a wise decision. Do consider how much a piece is going to cost if you order it in bulk. For example desks. However, you also need to make sure that those desks would serve the purpose well. People need to use the computer and write a well. So the desks should be the perfect height and all. When ordering in bulk you may be able to get a considerable discount. So always order the items in one go. This way you know you are covered. Same goes for chairs and other items.
  • Do consider the ergonomics. Since most of the work in the office is done sitting in one place for long hours, it’s important that the desk and the chair should be as comfy as possible. Ergonomic furniture helps making work easier. When the employees feel good they tend to be more productive. This is one feature which shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. It can also help ease back problems and allow people who suffer from health issues to work in a more comfortable manner. It will boost the morale of the employees. Happy employees means a quality work environment.
  • It should be flexible and functional. Office furniture which serves multiple functions is always a better option. Functionality balanced with the right budget can give you more value for what you are spending. The desks should be wide enough to have ample storage for the files. It would help save time of the employees. They would be able to ace everything they need from their desk only. There should be leg space for the employees a well when and if they feel the need to stretch their legs. Working on a cloistered desk can seriously hamper work and productivity both.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you select the best commercial office furniture.

Advantages of installing an electric BBQ in Australia

One of the favourite dishes among people is meat. For this reason, meat is cooked in many homes occasionally. This is why when you visit most of the people in Australia, you will find that they have barbecues. This gives them a chance to prepare their meals anytime they want without. Different types of BBQs can be installed depending on the type of fuel that the BBQ is using.

The fact that electricity is installed in most of the homes in Australia makes the electric BBQs the commonly used type of BBQ in this place. However, other people have an electric BBQ, but they choose to use either charcoal or gas BBQ. This is because the electric BBQ has its advantages and also its disadvantages. In case you do not have an electric BBQ, you should learn its benefits as well as its drawbacks before you decide on whether or not to install the electric BBQ. The following are some of the advantages of having an electric BBQ that should convince you to install an electric bbq in your home.


1.         It can be used in both indoor and outdoor cooking.

There are BBQs that can only be used either indoors or outdoors. The electric bbq is unique since you can use it indoors or even when you are having any outdoor activity in your home or even at the beach.

2.         They do not alter the flavour of your meat.

Other types of bbq change the taste and flavour of your food and especially meat. For this reason, you don’t get the chance to enjoy the food that you cook. However, the electric bbq does not alter the flavour of the meat that you cook.

3.         They save on the cooking time.

The fact that the electric BBQ produces so much heat makes it more accessible. For you to cook so much meat or any other food with them using a short time, for this reason, you will be saving on your cooking time. The heat in the BBQ can also be controlled to ensure that the food does not overcook. When you do not want your food to cook fast, you can reduce the heat, but when you are in a hurry, you can maximise it.

4.          It requires little maintenance.

The other reason why most people in Australia love electric BBQ is that they are easy to maintain. You will only be required to immerse the removable parts of the barbecue in water and clean them.

5.         The electric BBQ can be used by anyone inexperienced.

Electric barbeques are easy to operate and are also stable. For this reason, even those who are not experienced in cooking meat get the chance of cooking using the electric BBQs like they are an expert.

6.         It does not pollute the environment.

When you compare the electric BBQ with other types of BBQs and notably a charcoal barbeque, you will realise that the electric barbeque does not pollute the environment. This is because the electric BBQ does not produce any smoke when you are using it, and hence it is environmentally friendly.

7.         It is safe to use.

When you are cooking using an electric BBQ, you will not be exposed to open flames. This makes you have peace of mind when you are using your electric BBQ.

Tips for spray painting your boat

Do you think your boat looks dull? Has it lost its glossy and new look? It’s high time you consider spray painting your boat. A well-kept boat is a valuable asset. Boats are an expensive item and require a great deal of maintenance on a regular basis.

So when should you consider painting your boat? Run a small test to get a better idea. Place your finger on the boats hull and move it along. If you see a powder like residue on your finger, it’s an indication that the gel coat has become oxidized. This can only be countered through anew paintjob. However, it should be kept in mind that painting your boat can be a time consuming project and requires dedication and attention to detail. If you believe you might not be able to do justice to the paint, you can boat spray painting by Spraytech Marine. These are professionals who paint your boat and make it look as good as new.

Steps for the perfect spray painting job

  • The key to a great painting job is the preparation. Ask any experienced painter and they will tell you that painting is about 90% preparation. Start by washing your boats hull and get rid of the dirt and the debris. If you have a pressure washer make use of that. It can help dislodge even the most stubborn dirt.
  • Once the boat is clean the next step should be sanding it. Keep in mind only the top coat needs to be sanded. If you sand the gel coat a well you would be spending hours repainting your boat.
  • Once the sanding is finished apply an under cot. Let it dry before you sand the whole hull again. The sanding should now leave the boat looking all smooth. Use a solvent to remove any stains left by your fingers while sanding. Once all the above mentioned steps are carried out you can apply the paint. Yu can spray paint the boat but you have to be extra careful when using a spray paint. You would need to cover those area which you want painted a different color or not painted at all. Spray paint tend to get onto the surface of the boat and should be handled with care.
  • Painting should be carried on during a pleasant weather. Make sure that the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. The best paintjob is done in doors away from the elements. You wouldn’t have to worry about the wind wreaking havoc on the paint.
  • Keep in mind that you might need to paint two or three coats on the boat to achieve the desired color and result. However the timeframe between painting each cot should be at least 24 hours.
  • Keep in mind that you should always be wearing the proper gear when doing the paint job. It needs to be worn during the sanding as well as the painting so you can protect your lungs and throat from getting irritated.

Top benefits of hiring a cheap rubbish removal

Spending time in a dirty environment can cause a lot of discomfort and diseases to the people living in the area. Some of the items that make the surroundings dirty are the plastics and polyester. Some of these plastics and polyester rubbish may be hectic to deal with since some of them   cannot decompose; hence they make the surroundings untidy. To make these tasks of rubbish removal more convenient, it’s good for a person to clear the trash by the help of the cheap rubbish removal. When they are carrying out this task, they make sure that they use methods that are friendly to the environment when it comes to waste disposal.

Not all waste that can be disposed of but some waste can be recycled into other useful products, and this helps to reduce the quantity of trash in the pits. The following are some of the benefits that a person gets after you find cheap rubbish removal:

1.      Instant and reliable services

If a person decides to do the rubbish removal on their own, it will be time-consuming since most people are very busy during the day in the offices and in their day to day life activities. Another challenge a person can face when removing the rubbish is lack of protective clothing, tools to handle the trash and lack of right transport channels of the rubbish to the area of disposal.  Therefore, it’s better to hire a cheap rubbish removal service since the trash removal task will be completed in a couple of hours. They not only complete the task within a short period of time but also they perform a commendable job the leaves your environment clean and safe.

2.      Safety

When one hires cheap rubbish removal services, it will be safer, since there are trained and experienced personnel who are capable of handling the trash with caution. Some of the trash may contain chemicals that are dangerous and can cause harm to human beings. Therefore, these personnel have the knowledge and skills on how to dispose of all sorts of trash, including the hazardous chemicals.

3.      Affordability

 If a person decides to dump the waste on their own, they will incur a lot of expenses since they need to fuel their vehicles regularly as they take the rubbish on the disposal places. But one can opt to hire cheap rubbish removal, and they are available at times also them at any time without straining.

4.      It is faster and easier

The other advantage of having cheap rubbish removal service is that the people that you give the tender ensure that they have collected and disposed of all the rubbish as fast as they can. For this reason, it becomes easier to keep and also maintain your compound.

In terms of time, it will take you a few days to be through with removing and disposing of the waste while the cheap removal company or experts will take a few minutes since they have the right equipment.

5.      It is cheaper

When you compare removing the cheap rubbish on your own and hiring an expert, you will realise that you require much money to fuel your car so that you can dispose of all the rubbish. However, an expert will come with a   big truck that will carry all the rubbish at once and therefore they will charge you a lesser amount than you could have used doing the task. 

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